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Why Does British Food Have a Bad Reputation?

As the Owner of the only British Restaurant in Italy (love that Catchline) i'm often asked about British food. The imagery of stodgy grey food (think medieval gruel) is often brought up (sorry bad choice of words).

Not only do we have to be very thorough and precise in the Kitchen but also in our marketing.

In order to defend my country (thumps fist on puffed out chest) and also my business, i have undertaken quite a bit of research, of which a few links i have posted below.

My first response is that historically, British cuisine means unfussy dishes made with quality local ingredients, matched with simple sauces to accentuate flavour, rather than disguise it.

Please note that this page will be in constant revision so please excuse the rambling words (the poor grammar/spelling due to speaking italian for the last 15 years solidly) and the scrapbook slapdashness of my cut and paste voyage

English food has a bad reputation

Here are a few links to sites with great info

Dr Neil Buttery (Food historian and contribiutor to Ben Mervis's the british cook book

( probably the most comprehensive book on British Cuisine - written by a Canadian!)

Published by Phiadon (publishers of food book pornografy)

Note that following on from this i'll be posting a good few links for those who ask me to recommend places to eat in the uk

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